How to make magic with language

Changing your accent, reducting your accent, or creating an entirely new accent is all possible. Whether you're skilled at hearing differences in vowel sounds, whether you know the phonetic alphabet, or whether you can simply hear an accent and repeat it, there are many ways to learn an accent. And if none of the above apply to you, don't fret, it's still possible...

I adore Dialect Coaching. I adore it mostly because I love different cultures, languages and all the manifestations that our accents take on during the course of our lives. It is possible to learn a new accent, whatever your native accent. Whether you hear differences in vowel placement, or whether you slip from one accent to another when you don’t mean to, or even through phonetic translations, I can help you. All it takes is commitment and an open ear!

Here's what a few of my clients have said about my coaching and workshop work:

"Rachel Wood is a bloody good accent coach if you are ever in need wonderful people. – Rory B."

"Hi Rachel, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. It was AWESOME! YEAH! I appreciated the way you built our confidence and the way you paid attention to our individual needs in such a short space of time. It was a very inspirational afternoon.

Thanks again. – David J."

Acquire an accent or...
Reduce the one you have!
Whether you're in need of an accent for an audition or you've got an accent that you need to soften, I can help. I work as a dialect coach for actors in the US, UK and South Africa. In addition, I've become a reliable source for business people around the world who need to adjust their accent for their clientele. With patience and perserverance, mastering a new accent or losing the one you have is completely possible. Contact me today and let's get started...